Audition Requirements

  The audition is the Army Music Proficiency Assessment (AMPA) which has the same audition requirements regardless of if you were auditioning for a special band, active duty band or national guard. It is comprised of two parts; (I) Prepared Material and (II) Quick Prepared Material. Generally the prepared material consists of three to five pieces that you bring to play, of various styles not over five minutes in total length. The Quick Prepared is a packet of 6 excerpts that you will receive one day in advance, to be played on the day of your audition. A score of an 18 must be achieved in order to be considered passing.Additional skills such as improvisation or secondary instrument performance may add additional points.

Additional audition information/sample music packets

audition forms

Click on each form to view specific information about each instrument audition. You do not need to perform the ceremonial part for the initial audition.

The information below pertains to the second part of the audition, and are just samples of what you may receive 24 hours in advance of your audition.

Interested in Auditioning?


  Benefits include: Money for college (GI Bill, college bonuses), student loan repayments, advanced pay entry (E4), regular drill check, retirement benefits, plus serving your state and country through music.

  The 41st Army Band currently has an opening in clarinet and euphonium, however highly qualified candidates on any band instrument may be able to be added in. Once a candidate has auditioned and been accepted, they then must attend the US Army Basic Combat Training and the Army School of Music. The two courses total 20 weeks and may be taken straight through or if a teacher or student, the two courses over consecutive summers.