Category VI

Category VI is the 41st Army Band's jazz combo. The combo is excellent at formal events, music festivals and social gatherings.The NCOIC for Category VI is SSG Jacob Mitchell.

Magnolia blues

Magnolia Blues is the 41st Army Band's traditional big band. Performing music from heavy swing to rock, this group is perfect for festivals, concerts and dance parties. The NCOIC is SFC Terry Miller

Magnolia brass

Magnolia Brass is the 41st Army Band's brass quintet. The quintet works well for ceremonial, school, and dinner performances. The versatile group can perform works from solemn to jazz to rock.The NCOIC for Magnolia Brass is SSG Patrick Rettger.

 Music Support Teams

Jackson Regiment

Jackson Regiment is the 41st Army Band's rock band. They use current pop music to connect with soldiers and civilians to tell the Army story. They perform well in social settings, music concerts and unit parties.The NCOIC for Jackson Regiment is SSG Daniel Bush.

  Every Army Band Unit is comprised of different music support teams, or ensembles that can meet the need of any performance requirement and play music from ceremonial to jazz to rock. If you would like to request any of these groups, contact us and you will be put in touch with the appropriate NCOIC of the ensemble. See our various ensembles below:

Crooked letter brass band

The Crooked Letter Brass Band is the 41st Army Band's New Orleans style brass group. Performing authentic big easy style street music, the group is  outstanding for unit parties, music festivals and outdoor events.The NCOIC for Lock and Load! is SSG Joseph Handy.